Aries Birthstone & 8 Other Lucky Gems: Benefits & Uses

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The Aries birthstone and lucky gems possess unique energies that can help Aries harness their full potential and navigate life with greater ease.

The aries birthstone is the diamond but some other gems are also lucky

If you’re an Aries, you may already know that diamonds are your birthstone. But did you know that there are countless other gems and crystals that can benefit and uplift Aries individuals in different aspects of their lives? From enhancing health and prosperity to improving relationships and spiritual growth, the power of gemstones and crystals has been recognized for centuries. These precious and semi-precious stones are believed to possess unique energies that can help Aries individuals harness their full potential and navigate life’s challenges with greater ease. In this blog post, we’ll explore the world of Aries birthstones and other lucky gems, diving into their benefits, properties, and how to use them to manifest your dreams and desires. So, let’s get ready to explore the fascinating world of gemstones and their mysterious powers!

Aries (March 21st – April 19th): Personality Traits & Characteristics

Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, is a celestial force to be reckoned with. Governed by the planet Mars and represented by the Ram, Aries individuals are the fiery, fearless trailblazers of the zodiac. They are the ones who charge ahead, headfirst, into any challenge, no matter how daunting.

Aries people are warriors and natural-born leaders with a remarkable combination of confidence, assertiveness, and energy. They are not afraid to take risks, and they always seek to initiate action. With their competitive spirit and love of adventure, Aries folks have an unquenchable thirst for excitement and thrive on pushing the envelope. Their courage ans sharp intellect help them cut through the noise and make swift, informed decisions. Coupled with their ability to focus and persevere through any obstacle is second to none, Aries do well as entrepreneurs or working in high-pressure environments.

In relationships, Aries people are passionate, intense, and unafraid to show their emotions. They tend to be impulsive and make decisions quickly, but they always follow their heart. They are fiercely loyal and demand honesty and directness in their relationships.

While some may see those bearing the sign of Aries as impulsive, hot-headed, or selfish, their infectious enthusiasm and contagious energy are undeniable. These trailblazers inspire and motivate those around them to take action and embrace life to the fullest. If you want someone to help you push your boundaries, there’s no better person to have on your side than an Aries.

What is the Aries Birthstone?

Aries has two birthstones depending on the month they were born in. March Aries have the birthstone of Aquamarine, while April born Aries have diamond as their birthstone. March born Aries have a bit of Pisces energy leftover, which adds emotional sensitivity, so they can be quite different from April born Aries, which are incredibly driven and less sensitive to emotions. The significance of the differences between their stones are listed below. 

Diamond: The Main Aries Birthstone

Diamonds are some of the most expensive gemstones and, as pointed out by Marilyn Monroe, are a girl’s best friend. They are flashy, luxurious and are the hardest natural mineral known on Earth. These traits resemble the qualities of Aries very well. 

Diamonds benefit the Aries by:

  • Being the mineral of manifestation, especially for abundance. Aries often have a taste for luxury, and diamonds are a physical representation of luxury and abundance
  • Reinforcing physical strength: Aries is the sign of the physical body, and they often want to achieve great physical strength and inner strength. Diamonds are the hardest known minerals, and their sturdiness engages Aries passion for physical and mental fitness 
  • Activating the Crown Chakra as a source of purity and light
  • Bringing mental clarity, improving vision, and supporting the treatment of allergies and other chronic condition
  • Offering strength and courage to Aries individuals, helping them overcome obstacles and succeed in their endeavors.

Aquamarine: The March Birthstone for Aries

Aquamarine is the birthstone for Aries, with a birthday in March. It is a stone that enhances sensitivity and promotes harmony, serenity, and tolerance. These 3 traits are particularly helpful to Aries, who are naturally more self-centered and focused on their own passions. The calming nature of Aquamarine helps Aries to be less impulsive and more considerate of how their actions might affect other people.

Other benefits of Aquamarine:

  • Promoting non-judgment
  • Encourages self-responsibility
  • Disperses confusion and frantic thoughts
  • Aids in thyroid problems, short/long-sightedness, and sore throats
  • Aligns the Throat Chakra to help speak one’s truth

The Aries Birthstone Color

The Aries birthstone color is an alluring shade of deep red, known as the color of life force and energy. Red is also associated with passion, love, and desire, which resonates with the Aries personality, their intense emotions, and romantic nature. In addition, red is believed to increase vitality and boost physical energy, making it an ideal color for Aries individuals who thrive on action and adventure. In short, the Aries birthstone color is considered lucky for this zodiac sign because it symbolizes the powerful energy, courage, and passion that Aries individuals embody. While many of the Aries zodiac stones we’ll explore below come in variety if shades, we recommend that you choose them in the red color if you are planning to wear them as a talisman.

8 Other Healing & Lucky Aries Gemstones 

1. Amethyst 

Amethyst has many healing, cleansing and spiritual properties, making it one of the most effective healing tools. It aids in meditation and brings clarity to thoughts. Amethyst can either stimulate or calm the mind depending on the intention, which is really beneficial to Aries, who needs both energies. Clarity of thought can help Aries to make better and less impulsive decisions. Amethyst activates the Crown Chakra and helps Aries to recognize their need for spiritual connection. Amethyst assists in the healing of both physical and mental bodies providing energy to: ease headaches, reduce bruising, reduce inflammation, treat insomnia, cleanse auric fields/energetic body, reduce anxiety/depression. 

Amethyst is known to both stimulate and calm the mind, depending on the need
Amethyst is known to both stimulate and calm the mind, depending on the need

2. Red Jasper 

Jasper is an earthy and grounding mineral that helps to bring about emotional, mental and spiritual balance through gentle nurturing. Red Jasper stimulates the Root Chakra, which brings abundant grounding energy to the often busy Aries. Red Jasper can also assist in dream recall when placed underneath a pillow, which can help Aries to organize their dreams and bring them to manifestation, if so desired. Red Jasper aids in the circulation and detoxifying of blood, which helps Aries with workouts and other cardio activities. 

Red jasper brings calming and grounding energy to its wearer
Red jasper brings calming and grounding energy to its wearer

Credit: あおもりくま

3. Jade

Jade comes in many colors and combines qualities from the Diamond and Aquamarine—purity and serenity. This makes Jade a perfect stone for Aries to keep around them, as it stimulates their creative vision and gives them the calmness needed to make difficult choices. Green Jade activates the Heart Chakra and promotes wisdom. Aries needs a balance of activity and tranquility, and Jade offers assistance during tranquil times, like during meditation. Jade aids the kidneys in the removal of toxins from the body and balances water-salt levels. Red Jade can be particularly useful for Aries as it helps them to use their anger constructively, perhaps through an activity that they are passionate about. 

Jade promotes wisdom and quiets the mind
Jade promotes wisdom and quiets the mind

Credit: Mauro Cateb

4. Bloodstone 

Bloodstone is effective at increasing intuition, which allows for better decision making. It also helps to shield against undesirable influences; this trait is particularly helpful for Aries, who are often easily influenced by others. Negativity and bad influences are removed by granting the wearer courage and the ability to remove themselves from potentially damaging situations. Bloodstone, as its name suggests, works on the blood by promoting circulation and benefiting blood-rich organs like the kidneys and liver. 

Blood stone helps increase aries' intuition
Blood stone helps increase Aries’ intuition

Credit: Ra’ike

5. Aventurine 

Aventurine is both protector and enhancer; it absorbs the negative electromagnetic frequencies emitted from cell phones and other devices, and enhances creativity and decisiveness. Aries doesn’t really have a problem with being decisive, but sometimes they can’t always come up with the best ideas. Aventurine helps Aries to connect with their creativity, which allows them to act on more beneficial ideas. Aventurine also promotes compassion in leadership, which is a quality Aries can benefit from because they often have a hard time being more empathetic. Aventurine stabilizes the nervous system and activates the Heart Chakra, allowing Aries to connect with their passion and act on it in the most beneficial way.

Aventurine helps aries connect with thier passion
Aventurine helps Aries connect with thier passion

Credit: Minerals Kingdom

6. Topaz 

Topaz comes in many different colors, and each has their own effect. In general, Topaz helps to bring good luck, promote truth, forgiveness and a state of trust that allows one to enjoy the journey and not focus so much on the destination. This is a very helpful quality for Aries as they tend to focus much on “doing” rather than just being. Topaz helps Aries to slow down and to see the forest for the trees. Topaz dispels negative energy with the joy that it induces, which gives a boost to Aries’ vast vitality. 

Topaz allows aries to focus their efforts on one goal
Topaz allows Aries to focus their efforts on one goal

Credit: James St. John

7. Ruby

Ruby is a perfect gem for Aries as it stimulates their passion and vitality, promotes clarity for manifestation, and allows the setting of attainable goals. Ruby activates the Heart Chakra and allows for the release of anger and negative energy in a constructive way. Ruby also assists with abundance manifestation and retaining wealth, which is helpful to Aries, who can often find themselves spending money impulsively.  Ruby helps with blood circulation and detoxifies the blood, lymphs, and reduces inflammation from fevers. 

Ruby brings forth aries' passion and vitality
Ruby brings forth Aries’ passion and vitality

8. Sapphire

Sapphire comes in many colors, but is commonly blue. Blue sapphire promotes wisdom and is a stone of spirituality. Each color represents a different kind of wisdom, all of which can be beneficial to Aries. Sapphire helps to let go of unwanted thoughts by stimulating concentration. This helps Aries to quiet their busy mind and to focus on what is really important for them. Sapphire can calm any bodily system that is overactive and unbalanced, making it a versatile mineral that is very helpful to Aries, who is often overactive. 

Sapphire helps to  let go of unwanted thoughts
Sapphire helps to let go of unwanted thoughts

Credit: Sapphiredge

How to Use the Aries Birthstone and Crystals

To make the most of your lucky Aries gemstones’ healing properties, it is important to clease and charge them before use. To do this, just place the gemstone in a bowl of saltwater for a few hours or hold it under running water to wash out any bad energy. The gemstone can be charged by exposing it to light from the sun or a full moon after it has been washed.

You can wear the stones as jewellery, carry them in your pocket or purse, or display them in your house or place of business to utilise them in your everyday life. Alternatively, you can meditate with them or lay them on the chakra points. For instance, putting a diamond on the crown chakra can assist in improving spiritual awareness and intuition, while putting a carnelian on the sacral chakra can aid in improving creativity and increase the libido.


What is the lucky stone for Aries?

Carnelian can benefit Aries and bring them luck by allowing them to connect with the universal energy. As it connects with the daring, determined, and confident nature of Aries, this fiery and stimulating gemstone is regarded as the luckiest stone for Aries. Carnelian is a must-have stone for any Aries person who wants to maximise their intrinsic talents and abilities. Its reddish-brown tint and potent powers are thought to improve vitality, enhance creativity, and encourage ambition.

What is Aries’ favourite flower?

Because of their brave and adventurous character, Aries are well-matched with the dashing and dramatic nature and looks of the red rose. The best flower to convey love, appreciation, and adoration, these passionate and sensual blooms can represent the intense feelings and desires that people with the astrological sign of Aries exhibit. Red roses are thought to raise and inspire the Aries spirit with their striking beauty and powerful scent, encouraging them to embrace their inner strength and potential.

What is the spirit animal of Aries?

The ram is the Aries’ spirit animal, as it represents the sign’s assertive and powerful energy, as well as their tenacity, drive, and competitive nature. The leader-like, assertivene, and independent nature of the Ram can motivate Aries people to face challenges head-on, take calculated risks, and relentlessly pursue their objectives.

Can Aries wear moonstone?

Even though Aries people are known for their love of vivid and striking colors, they can wear moonstone, which is a simple but radiant and alluring stone that connects one with the feminine and intuitive spirit. For Aries people who have a propensity for being impulsive and action-oriented, moonstone is thought to improve intuition, inner wisdom, and emotional equilibrium. Moonstone can assist Aries in connecting with their inner self, developing their intuition, and discovering inner harmony and tranquilly.

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