How to Manifest Something in 8 Steps by Re-Programming Your Mind

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Nia MacKenzie, MSc Psychology

Have you ever wondered how to manifest something instantly? Learn how to use the law of attraction to realize your desires.

a guide on how to manifest something

According to the law of attraction theory, we can attract anything into our lives that we put our attention to, whether it’s good or bad. It is predicated on the notion that the cosmos is composed of energy and that we may use this energy to bring about the manifestation of our goals. But how does one use the law of attraction to manifest something? Although it may appear to be a strange and ethereal process, there are straightforward but effective steps that you can try to align your thoughts, feelings, and actions with your desired result. In this post, we’ll look at several suggestions and techniques to learn how to manifest something and achieve a better mindset.

What is Manifestation? 

Manifestation is a perplexing and multifaceted concept that involves tapping into the vast, unseen forces of the universe to bring your desires to life. 

At its core, manifestation is about using the immense power of your mind, emotions, and beliefs to create a tangible outcome. It’s a process that involves aligning your thoughts and feelings with the reality you want to create and harnessing the limitless energy of the universe to bring that reality into being. Some believe that manifestation is simply a matter of “putting it out there” and waiting for the universe to respond, while others view it as a more active, intentional process that requires diligent effort and unwavering focus. Regardless of your approach, mastering the art of manifestation requires understanding the intricacies of the subconscious, the law of attraction, and dedication to bringing positive outcomes into existence. By learning to manifest with skill and precision, you can unlock the vast potential of the universe and create the life of your dreams.

Manifestation is Not Magic, It’s a Way of Life

Just like affirmations, manifestation is a process that involves a rewiring of the subconscious. It teaches us how to continue to focus our attention and energy on our goals, enabling us to develop a more profound sense of purpose and motivation that will drive us to take consistent action toward our desires. This process of self-discovery and growth is what ultimately transforms us into better people who are more focused, resilient, and committed to pursuing their dreams.

By cultivating a positive mindset and a deep sense of self-belief, we can tap into the power of manifestation to create a life that is rich in meaning, purpose, and fulfillment. Whether we are seeking to manifest a new career, a loving relationship, or a greater sense of inner peace and happiness, the principles of manifestation can help us to unlock our full potential and create a life that is truly worth living.

5 Common Misconceptions About Manifestation

  1. Manifestation is “magic” or “miraculous.” While manifestation can sometimes seem like a magical process, it is not a supernatural phenomenon. Instead, it is a natural process governed by the laws of the universe and the power of your subconscious.
  2. Manifestation is about wishing for things and then waiting for them to appear. In reality, manifestation requires active participation and effort on your part. Sadly, as with everything else in life, nothing comes easy, and you must take action and work towards your goals to manifest them into reality.
  3. Manifestation is an instant process. While many guides out there will promise to teach you how to manifest something instantly, the process of manifestation is a gradual one that requires patience and persistence.
  4. Manifestation only works for some people. The truth is that anyone can manifest their desires, regardless of their background or circumstances. The key is cultivating a positive mindset and taking consistent action toward your goals.
  5. Manifestation is a one-off event. In reality, manifestation is an ongoing process that requires continuous effort and attention. It is not a one-off event, but rather a way of life and thinking that requires consistent focus and dedication.

The Benefits of Manifestation

Aside from the obvious and being able to help us achieve our goals and desires, some of the other benefits of manifestation that often get overlooked are:

  • Increased self-confidence, reduced stress and anxiety, and greater feelings of well-being and inner peace – By cultivating a positive mindset and focusing our energy on positive outcomes, we can reprogram our subconscious mind to work in our favor, helping us to overcome obstacles, find creative solutions to problems, allowing us to generally feel better in our own skin.
  • Deeper sense of gratitude and appreciation for the present moment – By focusing our attention on the positive aspects of our lives and the things we are grateful for, we can rewire our brains to focus on the abundance and blessings in our lives, rather than on the negative or stressful aspects, reminding us to be grateful and appreciative of the things we have already.
  • Experincing greater meaning, purpose, and fulfillment – By working towards what we believe and want, we can feel greater satisfaction and happiness about the direction of our life.

What is the Law of Attraction and How Does it Work? 

The enigmatic concept behind the law of attraction suggests that the thoughts and feelings you send out into the universe have the ability to draw similar energy and experiences into your life. 

The concept of the law of attraction originally appeared in the book “The Secret” by author Rhonda Byrne. Selling millions of copies worldwide and endorsed by celebrities the like of Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey, the self-help novel asserts that the universe is abundant and has everything you need to live a fulfilling life and that by aligning your thoughts and emotions with what you want, you can tap into this abundance and create the life you desire.

In essence, the law of attraction holds that your energy output into the universe and the reality you experience are directly related. It is based on the idea that everything in the universe is an interconnected web of energy, constantly vibrating at a specific frequency.

The law of attraction states that you will receive the same energy that you put out into the world
The law of attraction states that you will receive the same energy that you put out into the world

By focusing your thoughts and emotions on a specific goal or outcome, you create a vibrational frequency that aligns with that outcome and attracts it to you. This principle is often referred to as the “vibration of attraction.” However, it is important to remember that this applies to negative energy, just like positive, meaning that bad energy is likely to attract negative experiences, and positive energy, thoughts, and feelings are rewarded with positives.

In a way, the law of Attraction highlights not only the profound impact of universal energy and equilibrium but also the power of our subconscious, showcasing it as a powerful tool that can lead you to make the right choices and adopt the right mindset, which will eventually lead you to manifest the life you desire. By programming your subconscious mind with positive affirmations and beliefs, you can begin to attract the things you want into your life, and you can even attract the people and love you are looking for.

How to Manifest Something in 8 Steps

Manifestation is all about positive thoughts, problem-solving, and goal-setting. It is about opening your subconscious and teaching it to actually believe that you are capable and deserving of the things that you want, creating a powerful feedback loop that reinforces our beliefs and helps us to achieve our goals through our actions.

But without rambling on and on anymore, let’s teach you how to manifest things!

Step 1: Be Clear About Your Goals 

Try to be more specific about what would make you happy rather than having a general objective like “I want to be happy.” For instance, “I want to have a meaningful career in a role that enables me to assist others.” To be even more specific, you could even go as far as specifying exactly what would be the ideal new job you see yourself in. Think about how it would feel to accomplish your goal. What kind of life would you lead? What exactly would change? Your aim will be more distinct the more clearly you can picture the intended result.

You may find this step particularly difficult. We often pursue big dreams, but when it comes to narrowing down on exactly what we want, it becomes difficult to exact steps to get us there. Steps 2 and 3 below can be particularly helpful if you struggle with this. 

Step 2: Make a Vision Board

If you are unsure what you want but feel like you can almost picture the future you want to end up in, a vision board may be a good idea, as it can help you be more specific when manifesting something you want. Alternatively, suppose you are super clear on what you are trying to manifest. In that case, a vision board will help you channel you energy and focus by visualizing the exact thing you want, therefore strengthening your message to the universe. 

A vision board is simply a collage of pictures and text symbolizing your objectives and wishes. When making a vision board, we recommend you go the old-fashioned route and create a physical board to remind you of your goals and the process of physically making it can be a great motivator to help you stick to your goals.

An example vision board
An example vision board

Credit: Cornelis Boertjens

To make a vision board, assemble the necessary materials, such as a poster board or cork board, magazines or printed pictures, scissors, glue, and any additional embellishments you choose to use (such as stickers or markers). Choose pictures that reflect your intentions and aspirations and experiment with how you place them on the board. 

Your vision board should be on display. Hang it up or set it up on your desk so you can view it every day. Spend some time each day vizualising yourself accomplishing your objectives.

Step 3: Start Journaling

Another way of strengthening the power of your intentions is by writing them down. Putting your goals in writing might help them become more distinct and specific. Be as explicit as you can, use precise terminology, and write in the present tense. Concentrate on what you do want rather than what you don’t want. For instance, state, “I want to have financial abundance and security” rather than “I don’t want to be in debt.” Many people find the practice of scripting particularly helpful. It involves writing about your goals as if they have already happened from the point of view of your future self.

Keeping a manifestation journal will strengthen your intentions
Keeping a manifestation journal will strengthen your intentions

To be consistent with this step and document your manifestation process, you may want to consider a manifestation journal, opting for a traditional pen and notebook and nothing but yourself and your thoughts or a read-made manifestation journal. It can act as a type of planner and diary, helping you to create clarity around your goals, track your progress, increase positivity, and provide you with a safe space for reflection.

Finally, remember that it’s good to dream big, but it’s also crucial to be honest with yourself about what you can actually accomplish. Establishing goals that are too difficult to achieve might cause disappointment and dissatisfaction. Start with the small steps, the little things you can shift to bring you one step closer and gradually move towards your dream.

Step 4: Say Positive Affirmations

The power of positive thinking is amazing – affirmations can help reprogram your thoughts and beliefs, which can change the way you think and act, including boosting your self-confidence and belief in your own potential and abilities. 

Positive affirmations can strengthen your manifestation practice by amplifying the positive vibrations that surround you, helping you attract more happiness and prosperity into your life in general.

Positive affirmations examples for manifesting something:

  • I am deserving of love, happiness, and abundance in my life.
  • I trust that the universe is conspiring in my favor to bring me all that I desire.
  • I am grateful for all the blessings in my life, and I am open to receiving more.
  • I am confident in my abilities to achieve my goals, and I take action towards them every day.
  • I am healthy and vibrant in mind, body, and spirit.
  • I am surrounded by positive energy and supportive people who uplift me.
  • I am attracting opportunities and experiences that align with my highest good.
  • I release all limiting beliefs and embrace my true potential and power.
  • I am aligned with my purpose and passion, and I trust that everything is unfolding perfectly for me.
  • I am a magnet for success, prosperity, and abundance in all areas of my life.

Step 5: Let Go of Limiting Beliefs

While manifesting, it’s crucial to let go of worries, limiting beliefs  and negative thoughts since they can prevent you from reaching your objectives. This is because limiting beliefs can lead to self-doubt and negative self-talk and, as per the law of attraction, draw negative energy into your life. 

Believing in yourself is the first step to anything
Believing in yourself is the first step to anything

When manifesting, trust the process, arm yourself with patience but, most of all, remember to work on yourself, adopting healthier habits and improving your mental health. If you need extra inspiration to believe in the manifestation process, read some of our inspirational manifestation quotes.

Step 6: Walk the Walk

Always move consistently and purposefully in the direction of your objectives while simultaneously keeping a pleasant attitude and a narrow focus. Fundamentally, walking the walk is about living in accordance with what you want to produce, not merely talking about it or contemplating it. It involves acting as though your wishes have already come true, having faith that the universe will make them come true for you, but also taking the necessary steps to help you achieve what you want.

Walking the walk is taking charge of your life and setting yourself up for success. It entails putting your goals into action, staying devoted even when things are difficult, and developing faith in both the universe and your own abilities.

Some ways of walking the walk include:

  • daily action, even if it’s just a small step, towards your goals
  • letting go of any self-talk and limiting thoughts that may be holding you back
  • maintaining your commitment to and focus on your objectives in the face of challenges or failures
  • encircling yourself with individuals who are upbeat, encouraging, and supportive of your advancement
  • recognising the riches in your life
  • having faith that the universe is on your side

Step 7: Be Grateful for What You Receive

Being appreciative of what you receive is crucial when manifesting because it fosters a mindset of abundance and happiness that draws more of the same into your life. Keeping a gratitude journal will lead you to experience a sense of fulfillment, truly recognizing what makes you feel happy and content with your life.

Step 8: Raise Your Vibration

When manifesting something, it is important to be in harmony with your mind and body so that all energy and vibrations can be channeled toward achieving your goals. Here are some strategies to help you achieve this and raise your vibration:

Meditation is an excellent way to raise your vibration
Meditation is an excellent way to reconnect with you rinner self and raise your vibration
  • Chakra balancing: Your vibration can be lowered when your chakras, which are energy centers in your body, become blocked or out of balance. While all chakras are important for manifesting, the most important chakra for manifesting is generally considered to be the third eye chakra (Ajna chakra). The third eye chakra is located in the center of the forehead and is associated with intuition and inner wisdom. Meditation can be highly effective when it comes to balancing the third eye chakra.
  • Solfeggio frequencies: Solfeggio frequencies are a group of tones that are thought to have therapeutic effects. 963 Hz is considered to be the miracle tone, best associated with manifestation due to its powerful healing properties and ability to activate the pineal gland. 
  • Healing crystals: It’s said that crystals contain energetic qualities that can help you vibrate higher and match your energy with your goals. You can select a crystal that complements your aim because different crystals have various qualities. Citrine, amethyst, rose quartz, and clear quartz are a few well-liked crystals for manifesting.

When is the Best Time to Manifest?

Whilst there is no specific time when you should manifest, there are a few particular times when focusing your energy will be particularly beneficial:

  • Morning: Many individuals discover that manifesting in the morning may be highly successful, whether it is immediately after waking up or through a morning ritual like meditation or journaling. This is because your mind is clear, and you still have the rest of the day to carry out your plans.
  • New moon or full moon: Some people think that the moon’s energy might encourage manifestation. Setting fresh intentions at the new moon is a good idea while letting go of anything impeding your manifestations at full moon is best.
  • When you are alone: It can be beneficial to manifest when there are few interruptions or distractions, and you feel calm and centered. This enables you to direct your attention and energy toward your intentions.


How to manifest something?

To manifest, you must concentrate your thoughts and feelings on the result you want, connect your energy with that intention, and take inspired action to achieve your objective. Visualization, uplifting affirmations, appreciation, and letting go of limiting ideas are a few popular methods for manifesting. It’s critical to be certain of what you want, maintain optimism, and have faith that the universe will fulfill your wishes.

What is the 369 technique?

The 369 technique is a manifestation technique that involves writing your intention down three times in the morning, six times in the afternoon, and nine times in the evening. By being so consistent with the repetition of your goal, you can focus your attention and energy on it, allowing it to be eventually realized.

How long does it take for the 369 method to work?

The manifestation process might differ from person to person and depend on the complexity of the desire, but on average, the recommended amount of time for the 369 method to function if 21-36 days. It’s crucial to keep in mind that manifesting is a continuous process and that seeing results could need patience and regular work. While some people might notice effects in as little as a few weeks, others might need more time.

What is the 555 manifestation method?

The 555 method of manifestation entails concentrating on a single desire or intention for five days while employing visualization, uplifting affirmations, and other techniques to match your energy with that intention. For five weeks, you repeat this procedure, giving one week’s attention to a different aspect of your life, such as your relationships, job, or health each week. It is thought that by using the technique, you can efficiently and rapidly realize your goals.

What is the O method manifestation?

The O method of manifestation uses visualization and empowering statements to help you bring your goals into reality. The letter “O” stands for observation, obstacle, and result. You pay attention to your desire, look for any roadblocks or restricting thoughts that might be in the way, and concentrate on the beneficial result you want to achieve. This technique might assist you in identifying and removing any obstacles standing in the way of realizing your goals.

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