61 New Moon Affirmations To Manifest Your Desires

Vivify Tribe Founder

Nia MacKenzie, MSc Psychology

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Harness the power of the new moon with these new moon affirmations to help manifest your desires. Use them to set positive intentions for the new lunar cycle and attract what you truly want in life.

TOP 3 New moon affirmations

The energy of the new moon amplifies my love life positively.

With each new moon, I find more reasons to be happy.

My path of self-discovery is marked by success.

Main Benefits of New moon affirmations

Set a clear path for personal aspirations by harnessing the energy of the moon

Build confidence that you can achieve anything you set your mind on

Promote self-reflection and personal development

The New Moon, a phase of the lunar cycle, marks the beginning of a journey into self-discovery and manifestation. It’s a time rich with potential, where the alignment of celestial energy paves the way for setting intentions, embracing new beginnings, and nurturing personal growth.

This guide delves into the transformative power of New Moon affirmations, offering a list of example affirmations and insights into harnessing this phase for manifesting your dream life, exploring creativity, and initiating personal development.

The Powerful Energy of the New Moon

The New Moon marks the beginning of the lunar cycle, symbolizing new starts and fresh opportunities. This phase is often seen as a time of renewal and rebirth, offering a unique moment to reset and refocus.

In astrology, the New Moon is associated with personal introspection, laying the groundwork for future growth. It’s a period when the skies are darkest, symbolizing a blank canvas for painting the life of your dreams, fostering creativity, and the initiation of new storylines in your life’s journey.

The influence of the New Moon carries the following benefits:

  1. Introspection and clarity: The absence of the moon’s illumination offers a backdrop for profound introspection, enabling individuals to gain clearer insights into their aspirations and desires.

  2. Opportunity for reset: Each New Moon presents an opportunity to start anew, clear out clutter from various aspects of life, and set fresh goals.

  3. Enhanced creativity: The symbolic darkness of the New Moon stirs the imagination, encouraging innovative thinking and creativity.

  4. Spiritual connection: This phase is ideal for deepening one’s spiritual practice, offering a time for quiet reflection and connection with the sacred nature of life.

  5. Zodiac influence: Each New Moon is influenced by a zodiac sign, offering specific insights and energies that can be harnessed for personal development and understanding one’s astrological path.

Manifesting With the New Moon

The New Moon is an ideal time for manifesting desires.

The focus on personal growth during this phase sets the stage for manifesting a higher version of oneself.

The New Moon acts as a metaphorical planting ground for the seeds of goals and aspirations, which can flourish as the moon matures. By harnessing the unique energies of the New Moon, your intentions are fueled, aiding in their transformation into tangible outcomes.

What Are New Moon Affirmations?

New Moon affirmations are positive statements crafted to align with the energy of the new moon, a time traditionally associated with new beginnings and fresh starts.

Unlike full moon affirmations, which are often about release and culmination, New Moon affirmations focus on the inception of new intentions, planting the seeds for future growth and accomplishments.

These affirmations are important and beneficial as they harness the new moon energy to set a clear path for personal aspirations, manifesting dreams into reality, and embracing the endless potential that each lunar cycle presents.

Benefits of New Moon Affirmations

  • Reinforce intentions: They solidify your intentions by aligning your thoughts with your desires, utilizing the power of positive statements to manifest your goals.
  • Foster personal growth: These affirmations promote self-reflection and personal development, encouraging you to reach your full potential.
  • Build confidence: By re-affirming our capabilities, desired state of being, or life, you build the belief, motivation, and confidence that you can achieve whatever you set your mind towards. The old saying ‘fake it till you make it,’ is not too far from the truth in this case.

List of New Moon Affirmations

By focusing on these affirmations during the new moon, you align your energy with the lunar cycle, setting the stage for manifesting your desires, embracing growth, and welcoming new chapters in your life. These affirmations are not just words but powerful tools for transformation, guiding you toward living the life of your dreams and realizing your full potential.


Under the new moon, focus on affirmations that open your heart to new love, deepen existing relationships, or heal from past heartaches.

  • Good for: Those seeking new love, feeling stuck or stagnant in their love life.
  • When to use: During a specific search for a partner, or at any new moon to reset your openness.
  • Psychological benefits: Boosts self-confidence, reduces fear of vulnerability, encourages positive expectations, cultivates receptivity to love.
  • Good for: Processing past relationship pain, releasing negativity, moving on, attracting healthy love.
  • When to use: When ready to let go of past baggage, especially during new moons associated with healing (Pisces, Virgo).
  • Psychological benefits: Promotes forgiveness and self-compassion, opens emotional availability, reduces emotional blockages, fosters trust in loving again.
  • Good for: Setting boundaries, avoiding unhealthy patterns, seeking fulfilling partnerships.
  • When to use: Anytime seeking alignment in love life, during new moons associated with discernment (Libra, Virgo).
  • Psychological benefits: Enhances intuition, increases self-worth, cultivates clarity in relationship choices, attracts compatible partners.
  • Good for: Breaking negative patterns in love, releasing scarcity mindsets, and attracting nurturing relationships.
  • When to use: Anytime you are feeling stuck in your love life, or to strengthen existing partnerships.
  • Psychological benefits: Reduces neediness, cultivates abundance mindset, fosters gratitude, promotes open heart to receive love.
  • Good for: Deepening connections, enhancing focus on self-love, expanding emotional intelligence.
  • When to use: During any new moon, with intention to evolve in your love life.
  • Psychological benefits: Increases emotional maturity, strengthens communication skills, encourages vulnerability, fosters empathy and understanding.
  • Good for: Cultivating magnetic energy, enhancing self-love, strengthening intuition for soulmates, believing in the possibility of meeting your perfect partner.
  • When to use: Daily as a self-affirmation, during visualization exercises, or during any new moon to activate the law of attraction for love.
  • Psychological benefits: Boosts confidence, reduces neediness, fosters positive self-image, opens up receptivity to soulmates, attracts compatible partners.
  • Good for: Surrendering to divine timing, reducing control, increasing faith in finding love, releasing fears and anxieties about love.
  • When to use: During new moons associated with trust and surrender (Pisces, Virgo), when facing challenges in love life, or when seeking guidance from the universe.
  • Psychological benefits: Cultivates peace, reduces stress, fosters hopefulness, encourages open-mindedness, trusts in the universe’s plan.
  • Good for: Affirms emotional openness, sets standards for fulfilling relationships, cultivates vulnerability, expresses readiness for deep connection.
  • When to use: When open to receiving love, as a reminder of self-worth, during new moons associated with emotional healing and transformation (Scorpio, Virgo).
  • Psychological benefits: Increases emotional clarity, strengthens self-belief, opens heart to vulnerability, attracts genuine and passionate connections.
  • Good for: Opens eyes to existing love in life, appreciates everyday love encounters, cultivates gratitude for present blessings, fosters optimistic outlook.
  • When to use: Daily as a reminder, while practicing mindfulness, or during any new moon to celebrate love in all its forms.
  • Psychological benefits: Reduces negativity bias, increases joy, promotes appreciation for small acts of love, fosters connection with others.
  • Good for: Enhances self-worth, sets healthy boundaries, attracts respectful partners, prevents settling for less than you deserve.
  • When to use: Daily as a self-affirmation, when setting dating intentions, or during new moons associated with self-love and empowerment (Leo, Aries).
  • Psychological benefits: Boosts confidence, reduces self-doubt, attracts compatible and supportive partners, creates space for fulfilling relationships.
  • Good for: Visualizes ideal relationship qualities, reinforces intention for fulfilling partnerships, celebrates existing positive connections, attracts healthy dynamics.
  • When to use: Daily as a reminder, during visualization exercises, or during any new moon to manifest desired qualities in your relationships.
  • Psychological benefits: Enhances communication skills, encourages empathy, fosters trust and security, strengthens existing bonds.
  • Good for: Celebrates progress, visualizes growth, maintains optimism about finding love, trusts the journey, acknowledges movement towards desires.
  • When to use: During any new moon, to set intentions for your love life, celebrate milestones, and maintain positive momentum.
  • Psychological benefits: Reduces impatience, fuels motivation, enhances trust in the new moon’s supportive energy, affirms faith in attracting love.
  • Good for: Affirms self-respect, rejects settling, attracts supportive and empowering partners, maintains high standards in love.
  • When to use: Daily as a self-reminder, when faced with difficult choices in love, or during new moons associated with self-growth and empowerment (Scorpio, Aries).
  • Psychological benefits: Boosts self-worth, clarifies boundaries, attracts compatible partners, creates space for healthy and inspiring relationships.
  • Good for: Connects with lunar energy, fosters positive expectations, opens to love’s blessings, celebrates the universe’s support in finding love.
  • When to use: During any new moon, especially those associated with love and connection (Venus, Libra, Taurus).
  • Psychological benefits: Enhances receptivity to love, reduces pessimism, cultivates trust in the universe’s guidance, attracts serendipitous encounters.


Harness the energy of the new moon to attract financial abundance and success. 

  • Good for: Releasing limiting beliefs about money, welcoming surprise opportunities, cultivating gratitude.
  • When to use: During any new moon, especially those associated with expansion (Jupiter, Sagittarius).
  • Psychological benefits: Opens mind to new possibilities, reduces scarcity thinking, fosters excitement and appreciation for blessings.
  • Good for: Boosting confidence, attracting fulfilling work, taking proactive steps towards goals.
  • When to use: Before starting new projects, applying for jobs, or during any new moon to set intentions.
  • Psychological benefits: Increases self-efficacy, enhances motivation, attracts aligned opportunities.
  • Good for: Cultivating responsibility, taking ownership of finances, aligning actions with values.
  • When to use: Daily, as a reminder to make mindful financial choices.
  • Psychological benefits: Promotes accountability, reduces guilt, fosters long-term financial planning.
  • Good for: Releasing struggle associated with money, trusting the flow of abundance.
  • When to use: During new moons associated with ease and grace (Libra, Taurus).
  • Psychological benefits: Reduces stress, cultivates calmness, fosters trust in the universe’s support.
  • Good for: Recognizing the value of hard work, celebrating achievements, staying motivated.
  • When to use: After completing projects, celebrating milestones, or during any new moon.
  • Psychological benefits: Boosts self-worth, increases confidence, fuels determination.
  • Good for: Connecting with personal values, ensuring money supports life goals.
  • When to use: During any new moon, as a reflection on intentions and financial alignment.
  • Psychological benefits: Enhances clarity, promotes responsible spending, attracts aligned opportunities.
  • Good for: Celebrating progress, visualizing growth, maintaining positive momentum, attracting new avenues for income.
  • When to use: During any new moon, especially those associated with growth and expansion (Jupiter, Gemini, Sagittarius).
  • Psychological benefits: Boosts confidence, reduces fear of stagnation, cultivates optimism, reinforces trust in the new moon’s supportive energy.
  • Good for: Embracing responsibility, cultivating financial literacy, setting informed financial goals, prioritizing mindful spending.
  • When to use: Daily, as a reminder to make responsible choices, before making financial decisions, or during any new moon.
  • Psychological benefits: Reduces anxiety, fosters calm decision-making, promotes accountability, increases satisfaction with financial choices.
  • Good for: Emanating magnetic energy, projecting confidence, attracting abundance through positive vibes, cultivating receptivity to financial opportunities.
  • When to use: Daily, as a self-affirmation, while visualizing desired income levels, or during any new moon to activate the law of attraction.
  • Psychological benefits: Builds self-worth, reduces scarcity mindset, enhances motivation, fosters positive anticipation.
  • Good for: Expanding receptivity, embracing unexpected sources of income, celebrating diverse forms of abundance (financial, emotional, spiritual), removing limiting beliefs about wealth.
  • When to use: During any new moon, while meditating on gratitude, or when exploring new income streams.
  • Psychological benefits: Promotes open-mindedness, encourages exploration, reduces attachment to specific forms of wealth, fosters appreciation for blessings in all forms.
  • Good for: Affirms self-worth, releases feelings of lack, claims personal right to prosperity, acknowledges inherent potential for abundance.
  • When to use: Daily, as a self-reminder, during visualization exercises, or during any new moon to connect with innate abundance.
  • Psychological benefits: Boosts confidence, reduces envy and comparison, encourages positive self-image, empowers proactive creation of wealth.
  • Good for: Takes ownership of financial journey, cultivates empowered mindset, inspires action, encourages proactive steps towards goals.
  • When to use: Before starting new projects, when making financial decisions, or during any new moon to set strong intentions.
  • Psychological benefits: Increases motivation, reduces dependence on external factors, builds resilience, fosters responsible wealth creation.
  • Good for: Reduces need for control, trusts intuition, opens to serendipitous opportunities, encourages receptivity to unexpected sources of income.
  • When to use: While exploring new possibilities, before networking events, or during any new moon to invite effortless abundance.
  • Psychological benefits: Promotes calmness, reduces stress, fosters adaptability, encourages openness to unexpected avenues for wealth.
  • Good for: Visualizes desired outcome, cultivates confidence, attracts stability, celebrates present abundance, and acknowledges financial security.
  • When to use: During visualization exercises, before making large financial decisions, or during any new moon to solidify a sense of financial security.
  • Psychological benefits: Reduces anxiety, reinforces gratitude, promotes calmness, encourages mindful decisions, builds trust in oneself and the universe.


 New Moon affirmations can also be centered on cultivating joy and contentment in your life. Consider affirmations like:

  • Good for: Cultivating an optimistic outlook, focusing on the present, acknowledging inherent joy within.
  • When to use: Daily as a reminder, during mindfulness exercises, or during any new moon to set positive intentions.
  • Psychological benefits: Reduces negativity bias, increases resilience, cultivates gratitude, promotes mindfulness of joy.
  • Good for: Celebrating progress, appreciating blessings, maintaining positive momentum, trusting the potential for growth.
  • When to use: During any new moon, to reflect on progress and set intentions for further joy.
  • Psychological benefits: Boosts optimism, reinforces hope, fuels motivation, fosters appreciation for small victories.
  • Good for: Empowering conscious decisions, shifting perspectives, cultivating inner peace, actively choosing happiness.
  • When to use: When facing challenges, practicing daily affirmations, or during any new moon to set conscious intentions.
  • Psychological benefits: Enhances self-control, reduces stress, increases self-awareness, empowers personal responsibility for happiness.
  • Good for: Expanding perception, recognizing potential, fostering open-mindedness, celebrating abundance in all forms.
  • When to use: During visualization exercises, when feeling limited, or during any new moon to open up to unlimited possibilities.
  • Psychological benefits: Reduces feelings of restriction, fuels excitement, promotes optimism, encourages exploration of new sources of joy.
  • Good for: Attracting positive energy, cultivating optimism, acknowledging external sources of happiness, appreciating surrounding support.
  • When to use: During any new moon, while connecting with nature, or when seeking increased positivity in life.
  • Psychological benefits: Enhances receptivity to joy, attracts helpful people, reduces isolation, fosters appreciation for connections.
  • Good for: Connecting with inner strength, trusting personal resilience, acknowledging self-reliance, finding joy independently.
  • When to use: During difficult times, as a daily affirmation, or during any new moon to reconnect with inner peace.
  • Psychological benefits: Boosts self-reliance, reduces dependence on external factors, affirms inner strength, provides comfort in challenging situations.
  • Good for: Taking proactive steps, cultivating responsibility, celebrating small actions, acknowledging progress towards happiness.
  • When to use: Daily as a motivational reminder, while setting goals, or during any new moon to plant seeds of joy in your life.
  • Psychological benefits: Increases accountability, reinforces positive choices, fuels motivation, fosters belief in long-term happiness.
  • Good for: Cultivating mindfulness, connecting with physical sensations, appreciating simple pleasures, finding joy in ordinary moments.
  • When to use: During meditation practices, when feeling stressed, or during any new moon to focus on present joy.
  • Psychological benefits: Reduces anxiety, promotes calmness, connects mind and body, enhances appreciation for everyday existence.
  • Good for: Empowering self-creation, taking ownership of happiness, acknowledging personal agency, building confidence in shaping your life.
  • When to use: During visualization exercises, when making major life decisions, or during any new moon to set empowering intentions.
  • Psychological benefits: Boosts self-efficacy, reduces passivity, encourages taking initiative, fosters proactive choices for happiness.
  • Good for: Celebrating small victories, acknowledging consistent progress, maintaining positive momentum, appreciating the cyclical nature of joy.
  • When to use: During any new moon, to reflect on growth and set intentions for further happiness.
  • Psychological benefits: Reduces impatience, reinforces trust in the process, motivates sustained efforts, acknowledges incremental positive changes.
  • Good for: Boosting self-worth, setting healthy boundaries, attracting positive experiences, rejecting negativity and limitations.
  • When to use: Daily as a self-reminder, when facing challenges, or during any new moon to affirm your right to happiness.
  • Psychological benefits: Enhances self-love, promotes healthy expectations, attracts positive people and opportunities, creates space for a fulfilling life.
  • Good for: Cultivating a natural state of joy, trusting your inherent capacity for happiness, believing in your ability to attract positive experiences.
  • When to use: Daily as a self-reminder, during visualization exercises, or during any new moon to reinforce this belief.
  • Psychological benefits: Reduces doubt about your ability to be happy, boosts confidence, fosters an optimistic outlook, attracts joyful circumstances.
  • Good for: Projecting positive energy, attracting like-minded individuals, creating a ripple effect of joy, embodying your happiness for others to experience.
  • When to use: Before social interactions, in challenging situations, or during any new moon to set an intention to brighten the world with your happiness.
  • Psychological benefits: Enhances positive aura, reduces negative energy, attracts supportive relationships, inspires others with your joy.
  • Good for: Cultivating gratitude for small pleasures, finding joy in unexpected places, appreciating the richness of experience, embracing all facets of life as sources of happiness.
  • When to use: During mindfulness practices, when facing difficulties, or during any new moon to open your eyes to the joy present in all parts of your life.
  • Psychological benefits: Enhances awareness of small joys, reduces negativity bias, fosters acceptance of challenges as potential sources of growth, creates a more fulfilling worldview.


Focus on affirmations that bolster your confidence and pave the way for success in personal and professional endeavors. For instance:

  • Good for: Boosting confidence, acknowledging skills and knowledge, approaching opportunities with enthusiasm.
  • When to use: Before starting new projects, facing challenges, or during any new moon to set empowering intentions.
  • Psychological benefits: Reduces fear of failure, increases motivation, fosters proactive attitude, attracts helpful opportunities.
  • Good for: Cultivating patience, embracing the journey, trusting the process, celebrating small victories.
  • When to use: When feeling discouraged, during daily affirmations, or during any new moon to visualize your final goal.
  • Psychological benefits: Reduces frustration, encourages perseverance, fosters trust in the long-term vision, maintains excitement throughout the journey.
  • Good for: Connecting with values and passion, making purposeful choices, attracting aligned opportunities.
  • When to use: During periods of uncertainty, while setting goals, or during any new moon to reconnect with your true path.
  • Psychological benefits: Increases clarity, reduces internal conflict, attracts fulfilling opportunities, fuels passion and motivation.
  • Good for: Maintaining optimistic outlook, welcoming fresh perspectives, celebrating growth, trusting the cyclical nature of success.
  • When to use: During any new moon, to set intentions for success, be open to new possibilities, and acknowledge progress.
  • Psychological benefits: Reduces stagnation, fuels excitement, enhances receptivity to opportunity, encourages continual growth.
  • Good for: Affirming present achievements, building self-confidence, celebrating past victories, setting higher standards.
  • When to use: Daily as a self-reminder, after completing goals, or during any new moon to reinforce your success mindset.
  • Psychological benefits: Boosts self-worth, encourages continuous improvement, attracts further success, reinforces positive self-image.
  • Good for: Celebrating incremental progress, acknowledging gradual growth, motivating continued effort, trusting the journey.
  • When to use: During any new moon, to reflect on recent achievements and set intentions for greater successes.
  • Psychological benefits: Reduces impatience, reinforces trust in the process, maintains momentum, celebrates small wins as stepping stones.
  • Good for: Cultivating a success mindset, believing in your capabilities, trusting your potential, attracting positive outcomes.
  • When to use: Daily as a self-affirmation, while visualizing goals, or during any new moon to program your subconscious for success.
  • Psychological benefits: Builds inner confidence, reduces self-doubt, attracts supportive resources, fuels perseverance through challenges.
  • Good for: Empowering goal setting, reducing fear of failure, visualizing success easily, trusting your abilities.
  • When to use: While setting goals, practicing visualization exercises, or during any new moon to program your mind for effortless achievement.
  • Psychological benefits: Increases clarity in goal setting, reduces anxiety, enhances motivation, attracts resources for easy accomplishment.
  • Good for: Projecting positive energy, attracting helpful people and opportunities, believing in your magnetic power, radiating abundance.
  • When to use: Before important meetings, networking events, or during any new moon to activate your success magnet.
  • Psychological benefits: Enhances charisma, reduces need for control, promotes collaboration, attracts serendipitous opportunities.
  • Good for: Cultivating gratitude for present achievements, acknowledging others’ support, believing in abundance, attracting even greater success.
  • When to use: After achieving goals, while celebrating victories, or during any new moon to set intentions for multiplied success.
  • Psychological benefits: Enhances joy, reinforces positive patterns, attracts positive attention, creates a ripple effect of success.
  • Good for: Connecting with inner potential, believing in your unique journey, embracing self-worth, aiming for ambitious goals.
  • When to use: During challenging times, during periods of self-doubt, or during any new moon to reconnect with your destined path.
  • Psychological benefits: Boosts resilience, reduces limitations, fuels ambition, attracts opportunities for greatness.
  • Good for: Embracing diverse opportunities, celebrating unexpected avenues for success, acknowledging unexpected blessings, attracting abundance from various channels.
  • When to use: When feeling limited, while exploring new possibilities, or during any new moon to open yourself to diverse sources of success.
  • Psychological benefits: Reduces dependence on specific strategies, enhances openness to unexpected opportunities, fuels adaptability, fosters gratitude for a variety of blessings.
  • Good for: Cultivating mastery, setting high standards, celebrating achievements, striving for continuous improvement.
  • When to use: Daily as a self-affirmation, after completing projects, or during any new moon to reinforce your commitment to excellence.
  • Psychological benefits: Boosts self-confidence, fuels motivation, encourages taking on new challenges, attracts recognition and opportunities.
  • Good for: Connecting self-discovery with progress and celebrating milestones both internal and external.
  • When to use: During periods of introspection, while reflecting on personal journeys, or during any new moon to celebrate victories on and off the beaten path.
  • Psychological benefits: Reinforces the value of self-discovery, reduces pressure to conform, increases self-acceptance, fosters internal motivation for both internal and external progress.

Fresh Starts

The new moon is the perfect time to affirm fresh starts and new beginnings. Use affirmations to embrace change; for example:

  • Good for: Embracing change, welcoming fresh perspectives, fostering openness to new possibilities, attracting serendipitous encounters.
  • When to use: During any new moon, while starting new projects, or embarking on unknown situations
  • Psychological benefits: Reduces fear of the unknown, fuels excitement, enhances receptivity to new opportunities, attracts supportive resources.
  • Good for: Symbolizing change, acknowledging past experiences, setting intentions for the future, leaving behind what no longer serves you.
  • When to use: During any new moon, to ritualize fresh beginnings, release emotional baggage, and set clear intentions
  • Psychological benefits: Promotes closure, facilitates inner growth, reinforces commitment to new intentions, attracts positive energy.
  • Good for: Letting go of limitations, practicing forgiveness, embracing the flow of life, attracting positive experiences through gratitude.
  • When to use: During any new moon, while releasing past burdens, practicing gratitude exercises, and visualizing desired future experiences.
  • Psychological benefits: Reduces resistance to change, cultivates optimism, attracts abundance and fulfilling experiences, promotes emotional freedom.
  • Good for: Embracing personal growth, acknowledging continuous transformation, celebrating adaptability, staying open to self-discovery.
  • When to use: During any new moon, to reflect on personal journey, celebrate progress, and set intentions for new versions of yourself.
  • Psychological benefits: Reduces self-judgment, fuels flexibility, encourages exploration of new identities, fosters ongoing personal growth.
  • Good for: Facing challenges with bravery, trusting intuition, overcoming fear of the unknown, embracing vulnerability.
  • When to use: While embarking on new ventures, overcoming personal hurdles, or when uncertain about changes in life.
  • Psychological benefits: Boosts confidence, reduces hesitation, fuels determination, attracts helpful support during transitions.
  • Good for: Cultivating optimism, attracting positive experiences, setting joyful intentions, visualizing a desired future filled with joy.
  • When to use: During any new moon, while setting joyful intentions, practicing visualization exercises, and celebrating the new chapter’s potential.
  • Psychological benefits: Enhances hopefulness, attracts positive energy, reduces negativity, inspires excitement for the journey ahead.
  • Good for: Embracing curiosity, cultivating open-mindedness, inviting surprises, welcoming unexpected opportunities.
  • When to use: Before starting new adventures, exploring unknown territories, or seeking new experiences in life.
  • Psychological benefits: Reduces resistance to change, fuels a sense of wonder, attracts unexpected blessings, enhances adaptability.
  • Good for: Practicing forgiveness, acknowledging limitations, creating space for the new, attracting experiences based on present energy.
  • When to use: While moving on from past challenges, setting new goals, or welcoming new relationships and opportunities.
  • Psychological benefits: Promotes emotional maturity, reduces baggage from the past, attracts healthy interactions and experiences, fosters present moment awareness.
  • Good for: Embracing change as a constant, celebrating ongoing growth, acknowledging continuous reinvention, trusting the flow of life.
  • When to use: Daily as a self-reminder, during challenging transitions, or to affirm resilience and adaptability in ever-changing situations.
  • Psychological benefits: Reduces fear of the future, increases trust in life’s journey, fuels excitement for what’s to come, fosters acceptance of constant change.
  • Good for: Embracing personal evolution, acknowledging cyclical nature of life, celebrating learning and transformation, committing to continuous improvement.
  • When to use: During any new moon, to reflect on lessons learned, set intentions for growth, and celebrate personal transformation.
  • Psychological benefits: Promotes self-reflection, reinforces motivation for self-improvement, fuels a sense of purpose, attracts opportunities for learning and growth.
  • Good for: Fostering a growth mindset, welcoming change with joy, acknowledging the cyclical nature of life, appreciating fresh perspectives.
  • When to use: During any new moon, while practicing mindfulness, or when facing transitions to embrace the potential for renewal.
  • Psychological benefits: Reduces resistance to change, enhances adaptability, fuels optimism, opens the mind to fresh possibilities.
  • Good for: Boosting confidence in attracting what you desire, reducing effort and struggle, believing in your magnetic power, trusting the universe’s support.
  • When to use: When feeling stuck and seeking easy flow into new chapters
  • Psychological benefits: Reduces pressure and anxiety, encourages effortless action, attracts supportive forces, fosters trust in divine timing.
  • Good for: Cultivating receptivity, remaining flexible, trusting intuition, welcoming unexpected journeys, releasing rigid plans.
  • When to use: When facing uncertainty, exploring new frontiers, seeking guidance for unknown situations, or wanting to attract unforeseen opportunities.
  • Psychological benefits: Reduces rigidity, fuels adventurous spirit, opens the mind to unexpected blessings, allows serendipity to play its role.
  • Good for: Connecting fresh starts with positive emotions, setting intentions for joyful journeys, attracting fulfilling experiences, celebrating new chapters.
  • When to use: During any new moon, while setting intentions for new endeavors, visualizing desired outcomes, or celebrating past fresh starts.
  • Psychological benefits: Enhances excitement for beginnings, attracts positive experiences, reinforces positive association with change, cultivates joyful anticipation.
  • Good for: Cultivating enthusiasm, fueling motivation, embracing curiosity, anticipating positive outcomes, radiating positive energy.
  • When to use: While embarking on new ventures, facing exciting transitions, or celebrating upcoming fresh starts.
  • Psychological benefits: Reduces fear of the unknown, attracts supportive people and resources, enhances commitment to new endeavors, fuels personal drive.

Working With New Moon Affirmations

There are no set rules when it comes to affirmation practice; however, the following two pieces of advice are always important:

1. Always Set Your Intentions First

Before delving into affirmations, it’s crucial to set your intentions. Setting intentions first ensures that your affirmations are directed towards achievable and meaningful objectives, enhancing their effectiveness and resonance with your personal journey.

You can set intentions by:

  1. Reflecting on what you truly desire, whether it’s related to personal growth, relationships, career, or spirituality
  2. Writing down these intentions in a journal can further solidify them, creating a concrete plan that aligns with the energy of the new moon.
  3. Being as specific as possible, as clarity is key in manifestation practices.

2. Personalize Your New Moon Affirmations

Personalizing your New Moon affirmations ensures they resonate deeply with your personal goals and aspirations. Start by:

  1.  Reflecting on what you wish to manifest or change in your life
  2. Consider aspects like personal growth, career aspirations, relationships, or spiritual development.
  3. Once you identify your goals, tailor your affirmations to align precisely with these objectives. To help you do this, we have provided the context and situations in which each of our example affirmations above is most suitable. Or, of course, you can always have a go at writing your own statements.
  4. Infuse your affirmations with your emotions and intentions, making them unique to your journey.

Crystals for New Moon Rituals

Using crystals during New Moon rituals can amplify the energy of your affirmations and intentions. Each crystal has unique properties that correspond to different aspects of manifestation and personal growth.

  • Moonstone: Known for its connection to the moon’s energy, moonstone enhances intuition and promotes new beginnings.
  • Clear Quartz: This crystal amplifies thoughts and intentions, making it ideal for manifesting during the new moon.
  • Amethyst: A stone of spirituality and contentment, amethyst assists in deepening your meditation practice and enhancing your affirmations.
  • Black Tourmaline: Use this for protection and grounding during your New Moon ritual, especially when setting intentions for personal transformation.
  • Citrine: Known for attracting wealth and abundance, citrine is perfect for affirmations centered around prosperity and success.

Integrate these crystals into your New Moon rituals by holding them during meditation, placing them around your space, or using them as a focal point while reciting your affirmations.


  • Each new moon brings opportunities for success in my life
  • Each new moon strengthens my capacity for love and intimacy
  • Every new moon, i am surrounded by joy and positivity
  • I am aligned with the energy of abundance and prosperity
  • With this new moon, i turn a new page in my life


What are the affirmations of the new moon?

New Moon affirmations are positive statements recited during the New Moon phase to set intentions and manifest goals. They focus on new beginnings, personal growth, and the realization of one’s dreams and aspirations.

What is the moon affirmation?

Moon affirmations are statements that align with the lunar energy, used during different moon phases to manifest specific life changes. They vary based on the moon’s cycle, with New Moon affirmations focusing on new starts and Full Moon affirmations on release and gratitude.

What to do with full moon affirmations?

Full Moon affirmations should be used during the Full Moon phase to release what no longer serves you and express gratitude. This practice helps in letting go of old patterns and embracing transformation.

What intentions should be set on a new moon?

During the New Moon, set intentions focused on new beginnings, such as starting new projects, initiating lifestyle changes, or embarking on personal growth journeys. The New Moon’s energy supports intentions around creative endeavors, fresh starts, and the manifestation of new goals.

What time should you manifest on a new moon?

Manifesting during the New Moon is most effective when the moon is at its darkest. This often means the night of the New Moon or within a day or two following it. This period is considered a powerful time for setting intentions and starting new ventures.

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