Cancer Birthstone & 12 Other Lucky Gems for the Cancer Zodiac Sign

Whether you already know what the cancer birthstone is, there are also other gemstones thought to bestow luck and uplifting energy on people born under the sign of Cancer. These gemstones, which range from the dreamy moonstone to the protective ruby, are not only lovely but also have symbolic connotations that fit the distinctive traits of Cancerians. So let’s dive in and learn about the lucky jewels that can improve a Cancer person’s quality of life.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22): Personality Traits & Characteristics

Those born under the sign of Cancer are renowned for their emotional sensitivity. This sign’s natives have a strong sense of intuition and empathy for others. They have a strong sense of family, home, and tradition and are devoted and thoughtful to those they love. Being natural carers, Cancerians are renowned for being protective of those in their immediate vicinity and for prioritizing the needs of others over their own.

Cancerians are excellent listeners and friends because of their strong intuition and capacity for emotional reading. They might, however, find it difficult to set limits and refuse requests, which might leave them feeling overburdened or exploited. Cancerians are excellent at offering emotional support and understanding since they are highly intuitive and adept at detecting other people’s feelings. Generally, those born with the sign of Cancer are characterized by emotional intelligence, sensitivity, and creativity, making them valuable contributors to any society.

They are also inventive and creative people who enjoy using writing, music, or other forms of art to express themselves. However, Cancerians can also be gloomy and readily influenced by their surroundings, and when they feel overwhelmed, they have the propensity to withdraw into themselves.

What is the Cancer Birthstone?

Cancers have 2 birthstones for the months of June and July. Their birthstones are Pearl and Ruby, respectively. Despite being a water sign, July-born Cancers seem to take on the more fiery traits represented by the Ruby. Pearls are formed inside mollusks which means that they are formed in the depths of the ocean, connecting Cancers to their natural element. More information on the birthstones is located below. 

Ruby: The Main Cancer Birthstone

Ruby represents the passion and heat of Summer. It is a protective stone that helps to block negative energies and psychic vampirism. Some people take advantage of Cancer’s compassionate and nurturing nature, which means that they can get drained really quickly. Rubies help Cancer to know when enough is enough and give them the self-confidence they need to stop before they give too much. 

Rubies are powerful invigorators that bestow any wearer with great vitality. However, this may be a bit much for some Cancers to handle, as it fires up emotions instead of calming them. Careful use of the ruby will help Cancer to balance dynamic energy and to express their emotions without going overboard.

Other properties of Ruby:

  • Stimulates the Heart Chakra, which emphasizes Cancer’s compassion
  • Heightens awareness and mental clarity, allowing Cancer to better deal with negative emotions  
  • Healing properties include aiding in circulation, detoxifying the blood, overcoming exhaustion, and alleviating fevers

Pearl: June Cancer Birthstone

Pearls are unique because they are made by oysters and mussels, rather than growing from the Earth. A particle that gets stuck inside of a mollusk serves as the base for the pearl. The mollusk secretes something called nacre, which is partly made up of a mineral called aragonite. This builds over years and eventually forms the pearl. 

Pearls help Cancers to connect with their naturally heightened intuition. They promote patience (representing the time they take to form), serenity (representing their beauty), and purity (silky white color); all of which are beneficial to sensitive Cancer.

Other properties of pearls:

  • Connection to divine feminine
  • A source for inner wisdom
  • Aids in introspection and meditation
  • Restoring physical balance
  • Aiding in sleep

The Cancer Birthstone Color

Silver is the color associated with Cancer, which is thought to represent the Moon, the sign’s ruling planet. Intuition, feelings, and femininity are all attributes of silver that go well with Cancer’s sensitive and nurturing disposition.

The reflective and illuminating qualities of silver are symbolic of Cancerians’ propensity for introspection and contemplation. They are renowned for their strong intuition and capacity for introspection, which allows them to learn more about themselves and the world around them. Silver is a representation of the desire for emotional and spiritual enlightenment as well as purity and clarity. Generally, the Cancerian sign’s emotional sensitivity, intuition, and nurturing traits are reflected in the color silver.

12 Lucky Cancer Gemstones

1. Moonstone 

Moonstone is a really important stone for Cancer because Cancer’s planetary ruler is the Moon. Moonstone helps Cancer to balance their negative emotions and mood swings. Moonstone strengthens the link to the subconscious and intuition, which gives Cancer a boost to their natural psychic tendencies. As a healing stone, it brings serenity and inner peace, minimizes triggers and other emotional reactions, and helps with digestion and menstrual symptoms. It is a perfect gem for Cancer.

Moonstone brings serenity and inner peace
Moonstone brings serenity and inner peace

Credit: James St. John

2. Amethyst

Amethyst is also very important to Cancer. As a crystal that heightens intuition, it helps Cancer to have clarity in emotionally charged situations. Amethyst has a particular quality that helps with sobriety. It promotes a clear mind and dissuades its wearer from doing anything that can alter their mental state. Some Cancers have a tendency to over-indulge in bad habits, particularly alcohol. This makes Amethyst a protective crystal for Cancer. 

Amethyst promotes a clear mind
Amethyst promotes a clear mind

3. Sapphire

Known as the stone of wisdom, Sapphire stimulates mental clarity and helps to ease anxiety. There are many different kinds and colors of sapphire, and it is also treasured as gems for jewelry. Cancer benefits the most from blue sapphire, which helps them with spiritual growth. Blue sapphire activates the Throat Chakra and gives Cancer more self-confidence when it comes to expressing their emotions. Sapphire facilitates inner peace, which helps to raise Cancer’s vibrations and develop a connection to their Soul. 

Sapphire stimulates mental clarity
Sapphire stimulates mental clarity

Credit: Sapphiredge

4. Calcite

Calcite also comes in many different forms and colors. It can increase energy and is also good for cleansing any negative energy. Calcite stimulates both emotions and the intellect, especially when multiple colors are used at once. This provides a bridge between the two, which facilitates the development of emotional intelligence. This is an important skill for Cancer to have; it will help them to manage their often complex and fluctuating emotions. 

Calcite can increase energy
Calcite can increase energy

Credit: Robert M. Lavinsky

5. Alexandrite

Alexandrite is sometimes considered to be a birthstone for the month of July. It gleams as if it were iridescent, showing colors of purple, green, and red. It is a gem that highlights the importance of all sides of a person. Alexandrite is beneficial to Cancer because it helps to boost self-confidence and emotional maturity. As a very emotional sign, any stone that helps to balance emotions is a good pick for Cancer. Alexandrite allows Cancer to be passionate without becoming overly emotional. 

Alexandrite is beneficial to cancer because it helps to boost self-confidence and emotional maturity
Alexandrite is beneficial to Cancer because it helps to boost self-confidence and emotional maturity

6. Rose Quartz 

Rose Quartz is the gem most associated with love and emotional healing. The energy of rose quartz brings unconditional love to its wearer. It helps to release unexpressed feelings and emotions in a gentle and calm way. Cancers really benefit from this soft and gentle love, as they are likely to withdraw into their hard crab shell. Rose quartz encourages them not to withdraw and to calmly express their feelings. Rose quartz activates the Heart Chakra and clears impurities in bodily fluids.

Rose quartz encourages cancer not to withdraw and to calmly express their feelings
Rose quartz encourages Cancer not to withdraw and to calmly express their feelings

7. Chalcedony 

A stone of nurturing and harmony, Chalcedony absorbs negative emotions and transforms them into joy and serenity. Chalcedony facilitates positive inward reflection, which can help Cancer to navigate difficult emotions and moods. Chalcedony gives Cancer a sense of inner peace through its transformative vibrations. As a healing stone, it works as a cleanser by decreasing mineral buildup in the body. 

Chalcedony absorbs negative emotions and transforms them into joy and serenity
Chalcedony absorbs negative emotions and transforms them into joy and serenity

Credit: James St. John

8. Turquoise 

Turquoise stimulates both the intellectual and spiritual nature of Cancer. It enhances intuition and also helps to clear the Throat Chakra, allowing Cancer to freely speak their truth. Turquoise is great at neutralizing negative energy, as well as helping to prevent self-sabotage. Cancers can sometimes shoot themselves in the foot when they act purely on their emotional state. Turquoise helps to calm the mind, without taking the intellectual edge off, which allows Cancer to think and speak with clarity and compassion.

Turquoise is great at neutralizing negative energy
Turquoise is great at neutralizing negative energy

Credit: James St. John

9. Emerald

Emerald is another love stone that promotes feelings of unconditional love. Emerald grants its wearer patience and serenity, which helps Cancer to balance their mood swings. Emerald stimulates the Heart Chakra, which helps to calm anxiety and overactive emotions. Emeralds are precious gems that are actually more expensive than diamonds. Wearing them can help Cancer to know their worth by the love they give and the compassion they have for others. 

Emerald promotes feelings of unconditional love
Emerald promotes feelings of unconditional love

Credit: Mauro Cateb

10. Carnelian 

This warm, stimulating stone is said to aid Cancerians in releasing self-doubt and uncertainty while releasing their inner creativity, fearlessness, and passion. Moreover, it is thought to boost vitality, boost the immune system, and encourage both physical and mental recovery.

Carelian aids cancerians in releasing self-doubt
Carelian aids Cancerians in releasing self-doubt

Credit: jaja_1985

11. Aventurine 

Another healing stone that is said to be advantageous for Cancerians is aventurine. This calming green stone is thought to encourage emotional harmony and balance, as well as aid Cancerians in navigating challenging emotional situations with grace and ease. Aventurine is a great stone for people looking for emotional and spiritual grounding and clarity because it is also said to aid Cancerians in connecting with nature and developing their intuition.

Aventurine encourages emotional harmony and balance
Aventurine encourages emotional harmony and balance

Credit: Mauro Cateb

12. Onyx

As a protective stone, onyx is said to aid Cancerians in developing strength and fortitude in the face of difficulties and hardship. This dark stone is thought to encourage self-confidence and inner power in Cancerians by assisting them in overcoming feelings of dread, worry, and self-doubt. Onyx is a perfect stone for Cancerians who want to build inner calm and harmony among the tumult of daily life because it is also said to improve focus, concentration, and mental clarity.

Onyx is said to aid cancerians in developing strength and fortitude in the face of difficulties and hardship
Onyx is said to aid Cancerians in developing strength and fortitude in the face of difficulties and hardship

Credit: Collectile Stichting Nationaal Museum van Wereldculturen


Which stone is lucky for Cancer?

Although other gemstones, including moonstone, ruby, emerald, sapphire, and topaz are also said to be lucky for this zodiac sign, the pearl is regarded as the lucky stone for Cancer.

Who is Cancer’s best friend?

Pisces is regarded as Cancer’s closest companion. Since they are both water signs, they have a strong emotional bond and intuitive knowledge of one another. They value emotional connection and closeness and are sensitive and creative people.

What are the 2 birthstones for June?

June’s birthstones are alexandrite and pearl. While alexandrite, a more recent birthstone, is thought to bring luck and fortune, pearl is the traditional birthstone for June and is linked to emotional harmony and purity.

What is cancer’s birthstone?

The pearl, which symbolizes innocence, calm, and purity, is the birthstone for Cancer. It is a representation of emotional equilibrium and feminine energy and is thought to have a calming impact on the emotions.

Why birthstones are important?

Birthstones are significant because it is thought that they possess unique abilities and attributes that might improve specific traits or bestow luck and protection on the wearer. Also, they allow one to customize jewelry, show their uniqueness, and connect with their zodiac sign and birth month.

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