852 Hz Solfeggio Healing: Activate Your Third Eye

Vivify Tribe Founder

Nia MacKenzie, MSc Psychology

852 Hz is a solfeggio frequency believed to be associated with the third eye chakra, expanding consciousness and unlocking intuition.

Main Benefits


Headache relief and lowered blood pressure


Heightened intuition, perception, creativity, and inspiration

Who should try it?

Individuals seeking spiritual growth and a deeper connection with themselves.

Solfeggio frequencies are emerging as powerful tools for healing and spiritual growth. These ancient tones vibrate at a frequency that helps restore balance in different parts of the mind, body, and spirit. Of the solfeggio frequencies, 852 Hz, in particular, has profound effects on expanding awareness and activating higher states of consciousness. Let’s explore the history, meaning, and benefits of the 852 Hz tone. 

History of 852 Hz

The original solfeggio musical scale was developed by Guido d’Arezzo, a Benedictine monk, in the 11th century. It was used in Gregorian chants and religious music to impart blessings and healing. The original scale used to consist of 6 healing tones, but over time, the ancient frequencies were lost except for “UT.” 

In the 1970s, researchers claimed to have rediscovered three original tones in the original solfeggio frequency scale. Then, in the 1990s and 2000s, three more tones were determined using mathematical patterns. 852 Hz was identified as one of these additional solfeggio frequencies. 

852 Hz is associated with rediscovering inner order and connectedness. It is known as the frequency of the third eye chakra. Known as the brow chakra, or Ajna, this energy center is located on the forehead between the eyes and governs intuition, insight, and perception beyond the five senses. It is the gateway to higher consciousness realms.

When blocked or imbalanced, the third eye chakra can manifest as poor intuition, difficulty concentrating, headaches, or feelings of isolation. 852 Hz music aims to activate, open, and bring harmony to this chakra through resonance and vibration.

At a glance…

852 Hz is a solfeggio frequency believed to be associated with the third eye chakra, expanding consciousness and unlocking intuition.

  • Note: A – La
  • Chakra: Third Eye Chakra (Ajna)
  • Associated Organs: Eyes, Head
  • Physical Effects: Headache relief, lowered blood pressure
  • Psychological Effects: Heightened intuition and perception, creativity, inspiration

852 Hz Solfeggio Frequency & Its Benefits

852 Hz is believed to hold these key benefits:

Boosts Intuition & Inner Truth

By tuning the third eye chakra to its natural resonance, 852 Hz frequencies increase our intuition, imagination, and inner wisdom. Studies show this music can simulate brain states related to tapping into subconscious insights and unrestrained creativity. 

People report trusting their intuitive hits more when listening to 852 Hz meditation music. The tone seems to break through illusions, remove filters that limit our higher knowing, and spark inspiration beyond the conscious mind.

Insights from Psychology: How Our Gut Influences Intuition

The concept of the gut’s role in intuition is often related to the “gut feeling” or “gut instinct” that people experience in certain situations. While it’s not a literal gut feeling, there are connections between the gut and the brain that contribute to intuitive responses:

  1. Enteric Nervous System (ENS): Often referred to as the “second brain,” the enteric nervous system is a complex network of neurons lining the gastrointestinal tract. It can operate independently of the central nervous system and plays a crucial role in digestion. Some researchers suggest that the ENS communicates with the brain and may contribute to intuitive feelings.

  2. Neurotransmitters: The gut produces various neurotransmitters, including serotonin, dopamine, and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). These chemicals play a role in mood regulation and can influence emotional states. Changes in neurotransmitter levels might contribute to intuitive feelings.

  3. Vagus Nerve: The vagus nerve is a major part of the autonomic nervous system, connecting the gut and other internal organs to the brain. It plays a role in regulating various bodily functions, and some studies suggest that it may be involved in transmitting intuitive signals.

Enhances Meditation

852 Hz promotes deeper meditation by quickly inducing a relaxed yet conscious state. The focus on the third eye promotes interior awareness. Slow alpha and theta brain waves are amplified, silencing mental chatter so you can reach meditative stillness faster.

This frequency can propel lucid dreaming, astral projections, and visionary experiences while meditating. The tone helps maintain consciousness in profound inner journeys.

Elevates Spiritual Perception 

Spiritual practitioners use 852 Hz music to boost psychic abilities like seeing auras, sensing energy, and perceiving higher vibrational planes. The frequency appears to open the unlimited perception filter that blocks our multi-dimensional view, helping to establish a connection to the spiritual order through which you can communicate to your spiritual and angel guides. 

852 Hz also elevates intuition about our soul purpose and spiritual evolution. It’s like a secret gateway to gaining clarity about our path directly from the universal source.

Releases Fear & Self-Doubt 

This miracle tone helps dissolve subconscious fears that undermine our innate wisdom. Second-guessing intuition and worrying about making the wrong choice often stem from fear rather than wisdom. 852 Hz washes away negative thoughts like worry, anxiety, and lack of self-trust.

By moving us into heart-centered consciousness, this solfeggio healing frequency helps to remove fear and nervousness and replace doubts with unwavering faith in our inner voice to guide our way. We gain a new level of self-awareness and reconnect to inner peace and certitude.

Sparks Creativity & Imagination

852 Hz awakens dormant creative potential by activating the right brain. Divergent, unfiltered thinking becomes accessible in the whole-brain state induced by 852 Hz. Problem-solving also improves as intuitive and analytical modes converge.

Visualization is amplified in this state. By sparking imagination, 852 Hz helps manifest desired realities through the law of attraction. Everything starts with conceived ideas.


When listening to 852 Hz, avoid overthinking or excessive analysis of the task at hand. Allow your mind to wander and explore the realms of creativity without judgment or pressure. This can help you tap into your intuitive and imaginative capacities more effectively.

Reduces Stress & Relaxes Body 

The relaxing beats embedded in 852 Hz calm the mind and nervous system. Brain scans show the tone lowers stress-related beta wave activity. Breathing subconsciously syncs up to support relaxation and lower blood pressure

This solfeggio frequency brings the entire body into harmony to decrease pain and tension. The heart and nervous system come into coherence.

Integrating 852 Hz into Your Routine

The gift of 852 Hz is that it can be woven into your existing routines and practices to amplify their benefits. Think of it as a synergistic frequency that brings more light to everything it touches.

Listen to 852 Hz tone created by Vivify Tribe:

  • For meditative activities like yoga, breathwork, and energy healing, play 852 Hz music to deepen your mind-body-spirit connection. As you flow through postures and pranayama, visualize 852 Hz energy swirling around you. Chanting “Om” while the music plays magnifies the vibration.

  • During seated meditation practice, surround yourself with 852 Hz tones from singing bowls, solfeggio tracks, or binaural beats. Set your intention to open higher perception as you hold the frequency gently in your awareness. According to mindfulness theories in psychology, pairing the right music enhances focused attention and metacognition.

  • For passive listening, create a relaxing space free of distractions. Use over-ear headphones to fully receive the frequency while wearing an eye mask. Start with 20-minute sessions, focusing on your third eye region. Cognitive behavior therapy uses exposure to guide lasting changes, so consistency is key.

  • Nature therapy combines powerfully with 852 Hz music. Being in nature helps us access present-moment awareness. Bring your phone or speaker outdoors to play the tone in a park or serene natural setting. Opening up to the beauty around you while immersed in the frequency aids energy flow and allows intuitive insights to emerge effortlessly.

Top tip

When out in nature, engage your senses by observing the colors, textures, and sounds. Practice deep breathing, allowing the fresh air to fill your lungs. Embracing nature mindfully can reduce stress, improve mood, and promote a sense of tranquility.

The more you infuse your daily rituals with its healing tones, the more its effects will amplify. Keep exploring new ways to integrate this frequency as your inner vision continues to expand.

Regardless of how you listen to 852 Hz tones, the key is being open and relaxed enough to receive intuitive guidance and inspiration. Trust that your higher self will communicate through sensations, insights, and synchronicities. Keep a journal to integrate inspiring revelations and breakthroughs. This powerful solfeggio frequency can profoundly expand your consciousness and perception. Be willing to receive its divine upgrades.


What is 852 Hz used for?

The 852 Hz solfeggio frequency is known for expanding consciousness and intuition. Regularly listening to music tuned to 852 Hz can help activate and open the third eye chakra, increasing psychic abilities, creativity, and perception beyond ordinary senses.

How does 852 Hz work?

852 Hz works by vibrating at the same frequency as the third eye chakra. By resonating with the natural vibration of this energy center, this tone clears blockages, brings alignment, and stimulates expanded awareness.

What does 852 Hz do to the brain?

Studies show 852 Hz music creates more synchronous alpha and theta brain waves associated with deep relaxation, intuition, and access to the subconscious mind and higher realms of thinking. It activates the right brain.

What is the 3rd eye chakra?

The third eye chakra, also known as the brow or ajna chakra, is the center of intuition and foresight located between the eyes on the forehead. It governs imagination, wisdom, insight, and perception beyond the physical senses.

How do you activate the third eye?

Methods to activate and open the third eye chakra include meditation, chanting, using Solfeggio frequencies like 852 Hz, Ajna chakra energy healing, yoga, visualizations, and practices that stimulate the pineal gland, like sunlight exposure.

Nia MacKenzie

Founder & Curator

Nia graduated from the University of Surrey with an MSc in Psychology. Her greatest passion is the mission to inspire people to unlock their true potential, which is why she dedicated her time to the creation of Vivify Tribe.