639 Hz: Improve Relationships, Heal Trauma & Calm Your Mind

Discover how the 639 Hz tone can improve relationships, foster emotional healing, and bring your nervous system into a deep state of inner peace.

Exposure to 639 Hz tones can help reduce anxiety and stress, foster emotional healing and understanding in relationships, deepen meditation, enhance creativity and inspiration, and promote inner peace by retuning the vibrational frequency of the heart chakra.

I’m thrilled to introduce you to the remarkable healing potential of the 639 Hz solfeggio frequency. This ancient tone can work wonders for anxiety, relationships, and achieving inner peace. As an avid sound healing supporter, I’m eager to share how 639 Hz can retune your heart chakra to receive more love, stability, and purpose.

History of 639 Hz 

While 639 Hz was used in ancient chants to impart spiritual blessings, this magical solfeggio frequency was lost over time. 

The origins of the ancient solfeggio scale can be traced to both ancient Indian Vedic chants and traditional Benedictine chants. These chants incorporated special tones considered to impart spiritual blessings and instill deep healing effects through resonance.

However, the ancient solfeggio frequencies were lost over the centuries, except for “UT” which became “DO” in the modern scale. In the 1970s, researchers claimed to have rediscovered three solfeggio tones. Then in the 1990s-2000s, three more tones, including 639 Hz, were determined using mathematical patterns.

639 Hz is associated specifically with activating and balancing the heart chakra – the center governing love, relationships, and peace within us. 639 Hz aims to tune the heart chakra to its natural resonant frequency through vibration.

639 Hz

Exposure to 639 Hz tones can foster emotional healing and understanding in relationships, deepen meditation, and promote inner peace by retuning the vibrational frequency of the heart chakra.

  • Note: F- Fa
  • Chakra: Heart
  • Associated Organs: Heart, lungs, shoulders
  • Physical Effects: Normalized heart rate, lower blood pressure
  • Psychological Effects: Reduced anxiety, positive mood, greater tolerance, better personal relationships, healing from past trauma 

Benefits of 639 Hz Music 

Studies show that regularly listening to 639 Hz solfeggio music provides remarkable holistic benefits:

Reduces Anxiety, Depression, and Stress

The gentle 639 Hz tone stills worried minds and racing hearts. Studies show daily exposure dramatically lowers anxiety, rumination, insomnia, and depression by shifting brain waves into balance. You can finally release the constant chatter of the mind.

This is because listening to 639 Hz puts the brain into more relaxed alpha and theta brain waves. The shift to a theta brain wave state calms the nervous system and body. In turn, this can impact parts of the limbic system linked to emotions, memory, and behavior. This area is the primary regulator of mood. Key hormones like cortisol, serotonin, and oxytocin are impacted, inducing a positive mood and healthy social functioning.

Improves Relationships

Matters of the heart are so central to our overall well-being, yet they can be tricky to navigate at times. When we feel disconnected, hurt, or misunderstood, it permeates everything. Luckily, 639 Hz is known as the love frequency due to its ability to bring harmony to the heart chakra – our center of bonds, intimacy, and affection. 

As 639 Hz relaxes your nervous system relaxes, you’ll notice the lack of trust and defensiveness fading away, replaced by openness and patience. Practicing listening to this miracle tone can guide even struggling relationships back into a state of flow, breaking down codependency and other such issues.

It helps you overcome relationship problems by releasing hurts, grudges, and emotional baggage that distort connections. Instead, it opens the door to empathy, care, better communication, and acceptance, greatly expanding your capacity for deeper relationships.

So if challenges or distance arise with partners, family, or friends, take time to listen to 639 Hz together. Let it remind you of the bond you share beneath any temporary turmoil. Keep your heart center open and connected. Meet each moment with more compassion and understanding.

639 Hz brings the gift of warmth and harmony to every interaction, bestowing upon you the power to nurture the creation of harmonious interpersonal relationships in your life.

Facilitates Emotional Healing

 639 Hz floods the system with positive energy, thereby transforming even lifelong negative emotional patterns. Feelings of loneliness dissipate as 639 Hz helps you release subconscious trauma and reconnect with feelings of empathy and compassion for others and yourself. 

Those suffering from low self-esteem may find this frequency helps them become more self-accepting and intimate with their deeper truths, relaxing the tendency for harsh self-judgment.

The relaxed state induced by 639 Hz creates space to process negative emotions that may have shaped your sense of identity, helping you begin to see yourself and your potential with renewed kindness.

Work with 639 Hz to better understand your own complex emotions while remaining open to the perspectives of others. Healing requires deep listening – to yourself and your loved ones.

Deepens Meditation and Mindfulness

The pure positive love energy induced by 639 Hz can significantly enhance your meditation journey, helping even the most anxious hearts find greater harmony. 

As soothing 639 Hz fills your awareness, you’ll feel the tension melting away. Your energy centers, emotional well-being, and present awareness state align. 

Just like deep OM mantra chants or water sounds, 639 Hz can be a beautiful stress-relieving, brain-calming addition to your meditation sessions.

Keep listening to feel worries about the future fade as you become anchored in the now. You align with your higher purpose and universal consciousness.

Increased Creativity & Inspiration

The heart chakra is a powerful source of intuition. It unlocks our full potential by nurturing self-love and attuning us to the feelings of others. 639 Hz helps unlock our innate wisdom, imagination, and discernment through its direct influence on the heart chakra.

Manifesting our desires requires opening to inspired ideas. 639 Hz is a powerful tool for gaining insights at a deeper level by stimulating alpha and theta brainwaves associated with creativity.

This frequency can energize previously low energy levels, empowering you to playfully engage with your passions. You will feel your childlike wonder reawakened.

Transformation occurs by honestly assessing our feelings, then listening to intuition that arises from a place of love rather than fear. 639 Hz facilitates this by inducing heart coherence.

When our heart center is open and balanced, we experience enhanced perspective, able to understand our own needs while considering the feelings of others. This fuels creative problem-solving.

Daily exposure to the 639 Hz tone can keep your channels open to receive spontaneous creative insights and messages from your deepest self. Be receptive to inspiration bubbling up, and you will manifest love and positivity in all areas of your life. 

Now that you know all about its benefits, try listening to our specially created pure 639 Hz tone:

2 hours of uninterrupted 639 Hz solfeggio frequency

How to Use 639 Hz Music

There are many ways to absorb the balancing energies of 639 Hz music in your daily routine:

  • Try it during meditation, breathwork, or yoga to deepen your practice 
  • Play it softly in the background all day to regularly recalibrate 
  • Listen with headphones and use high-quality solfeggio tones. I recommend Better Sleep’s solfeggio music library for this.
  • Chant along to the tones to further the vibration in your body
  • Diffuse lavender essential oil to enhance the heart-centered effects
  • Bring it out into nature to compound the peace-inducing benefits
  • Write down positive affirmations for the heart chakra and intentions while listening  

The more you infuse this frequency into your self-care routine, the more its effects will amplify. Stay open and receptive to all of the blessings 639 Hz has to offer.

The magical 639 Hz solfeggio frequency resonates with your heart chakra, helping you give and receive love, heal emotional wounds, and find tranquility within. Make time for this special tone. Allow it to wash over your mind and spirit, circulating feelings of empathy, appreciation, and connection.


What does 639 Hz do spiritually?

The 639 Hz tone is believed to activate and align the heart chakra, which governs love, compassion, and inner peace. This promotes emotional healing, relationships, understanding, and spiritual connection.

How do you open your heart chakra?

Methods to open the heart chakra include sound healing with 639 Hz music, chanting, chest opening yoga asanas, breathwork, green crystal placement, and practicing loving-kindness meditation.

What frequency is good for anxiety?

Research shows the 639 Hz solfeggio frequency is optimal for reducing symptoms of anxiety, stress, depression, and overthinking. The calming 639 Hz tone brings the mind and body into a state of relaxation.

What note is 639 Hz?

639 Hz correlates to the solfeggio musical note “D.” It is associated with the green color and tuned to the frequency of the heart chakra.

How do you clear emotional blockages?

Ways to clear emotional blockages include meditation, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) tapping, talk therapy, massage, Reiki, sound healing, journaling, yoga, and taking time in nature.

Nia MacKenzie

Founder & Curator

Nia graduated from the University of Surrey with an MSc in Psychology. Her greatest passion is the mission to inspire people to unlock their true potential, which is why she dedicated her time to the creation of Vivify Tribe.