528 Hz: Activate Complete Mind-Body Healing

Vivify Tribe Founder

Nia MacKenzie, MSc Psychology

The 528 Hz solfeggio frequency is known as the "miracle" healing tone. Integrating 528Hz music into your wellness routine can facilitate physical, mental, and spiritual healing.

Main Benefits


DNA repair and regeneration; increased oxygen flow in cells


Lowered stress and cortisol levels; enhanced mental clarity

Who should try it?

Individuals seeking physical healing and emotional balance.

Have you heard whisperings of a mystical frequency that can work miracles for mind, body, and spirit? Well, the remarkable healing potential of the 528 Hz solfeggio frequency is not to be underestimated. Imagine a sound with the power to alleviate anxiety, repair DNA, foster forgiveness, and activate higher states of consciousness.

This extraordinary frequency is one of six ancient tones used in sacred music known as the solfeggio frequencies. Each solfeggio tone has beneficial effects and vibrates at a specific rate that helps restore balance to different parts of the mind and body.

In this article, we’ll dive deep into the science and spiritual meanings behind this tone. You’ll discover how to integrate 528 Hz music into your daily routine for love, vitality, and elevated awareness. As an avid sound healing supporter, I can’t wait to share how 528 Hz heals at a cellular level, activates compassion, and so much more.

History of 528 Hz

The origins of this miracle tone can be traced back to ancient Gregorian chants, which used solfeggio frequencies produced by utensils such as singing bowls. The famous Benedictine monk Guido d’Arezzo created the original solfeggio scale of six ascending notes. 

Over the centuries, this ancient scale was lost except for “UT” which became “DO” in the modern scale. Then, in the 1970s, Dr. Joseph Puleo began researching the ancient solfeggio frequencies and uncovered their healing potential. In 1988, he discovered that 528 Hz was a core frequency embedded in Gregorian chants.  Dr. Puleo calculated the frequency using Pythagorean math, and determined it resonated with the color greenish-yellow and corresponded to the “MI” tone in the original solfeggio scale.  

Moreover, the 528 Hz tone is in harmony with the Schumann resonance – the Earth’s electromagnetic frequency pulse of 7.83 Hz. It is believed that being attuned to this planetary vibration is believed to be therapeutic. 

Botanist Dr. Leonard Horowitz further claimed 528 Hz is central to the musical mathematical matrix of creation, being found in everything from chlorophyll to the buzzing of bees, rainbows, and DNA.

This sound wave is associated specifically with healing and activating the solar plexus chakra, our core energy center connected to self-esteem, vitality, and intuition. 528 Hz music aims to vibrate the chakra into balance and optimal function through the principles of resonance and entrainment.

At a glance…

The 528 Hz solfeggio frequency is known as the “miracle” healing tone. Integrating 528Hz music into your wellness routine can facilitate physical, mental, and spiritual healing.

  • Note: E – Mi
  • Chakra: Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura)
  • Associated Organs: Eyes, Head
  • Physical Effects: DNA repair and regeneration, increased oxygen flow in cells
  • Psychological Effects: Lowered stress and cortisol levels, enhanced mental clarity

Benefits of 528 Hz Music 

528 Hz has some miraculous, borderline strange effects that have a positive effect on the health of our DNA and mind and, unlike other tunes from the solfeggio scale, have been backed by scientific research. Here are some of the different effects of exposing yourself to the 528 Hz frequency:

DNA Repair & Cellular Healing 

After a series of experiments showed that normal water exposed to 528 Hz restructures its crystalline formation, a theory emerged that 528 Hz helps living waters regain vitality and purity.

Following this theory, it is also believed that 528 Hz stimulates DNA repair. The frequency interacts with the water molecules that synthesize our DNA spiral, and by resonating with water to stimulate the DNA helix, 528 Hz facilitates reduced inflammation and cellular detoxification and regeneration.

Further research has revealed the repairing effects of 528 Hz on DNA damage, including a study examining alcohol consumption. Cells exposed to alcohol were more capable of repairing DNA abnormalities when also exposed to 528 Hz frequencies. The 528 Hz tones reduced alcohol-related cell mortality rates.

Remarkably, in 2017, researchers at the Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics at the University of Tehran conducted an intriguing study on the impacts of 528Hz frequency exposure on human cells. They found exposure to 528Hz sound waves increased cells viability and livelihood by around 20% compared to unexposed cells. The 528Hz tones appeared to have a rejuvenating effect on cellular vitality.

Additionally, the researchers observed that 528Hz frequencies significantly reduced the amount of ROS (reactive oxygen species) production in the cells by up to 100% compared to the control group cells. The level of ROS production is associated with cell damage and death. This indicates the 528Hz tones had a protective, antioxidative effect, reducing DNA abnormalities and encouraging DNA structuring.

Balancing the Solar Plexus Chakra

The 528 Hz solfeggio frequency is closely associated with activating and balancing the solar plexus chakra, known as the Manipura chakra in Sanskrit. 

The solar plexus is the third chakra located in the abdomen region. It governs our sense of self, personal power, and intuition. When this chakra is blocked or unaligned, we may experience low self-esteem, fatigue, difficulty making decisions, and disconnectedness from our inner wisdom.

The vibrations of 528 Hz music help tune the solar plexus to its natural harmonic frequency. This balances the chakra, allowing more energy, motivation, and confidence to flow through this center. An activated solar plexus chakra makes us feel alive, purposeful, and in tune with our inner truths. All the benefits of 528 Hz align beautifully with promoting a healthy, vibrant solar plexus so we can shine more radiantly.

Reducing Cortisol & Stress

Research demonstrates that regular 528 Hz exposure significantly reduces cortisol levels. Cortisol is a hormone released when we feel stressed. A decrease in cortisol can lead to improved sleep quality, mood, and immune response – effectively having anti-aging effects. Additionally, a Japanese study found concrete evidence that 528 Hz exposure lowered stress hormone levels secreted by the endocrine system which was reflected in patients’ total mood disturbance scores after tests were conducted for comparison.

528 Hz sound waves have a sense of an organic, flowing, “green” sound. Many listeners report that this tone evokes feelings of walking through lush forests or laying in open green meadows.  The “green” essence of 528 Hz music connects us to serene natural states that effortlessly lower cortisol, anxiety, and tension levels – inducing a feeling of relaxation and the same restorative benefits of spending time in nature. The tone resonates with our inner peace.

Psychology Insights: The Neuroscience of 528 Hz

528 Hz elevates the feelings of positive emotions and love.

Research has demonstrated that exposing cells to 528 Hz music results in increased oxygen availability in the cells. This effect can result in heightened positive emotions, as more cellular oxygen provides higher energy and vitality levels. The link between oxygen and emotions may explain why many report feeling more joy, happiness, and love when listening to 528 Hz music.

The frequency also stimulates the production of neurochemicals like serotonin and oxytocin, which are associated with feelings of pleasure, bonding, confidence, and tranquility. Our mood is lifted through these biochemical shifts. On a spiritual level, 528 Hz is called the “love frequency” and is believed to open the heart chakra, our center that governs compassion and relationships. Through multiple mechanisms, from biochemistry to energetic resonance, the 528 Hz tone elevates positive emotions of care, connection, appreciation, and love. What better way to infuse your cells with life than harnessing the power of love through sound?

Enhancing Mental Clarity & Focus 

Exposure to 528 Hz music for short periods can substantially improve cognitive abilities like focus, concentration, problem-solving, and learning. This is because the frequency helps induce a state of hemispheric synchronization, meaning both sides of the brain show more organized and aligned brain waves. Hemispheric synchronization is associated with higher reasoning, luminal thinking, focus, and information retention. 528 Hz enhances whole-brain functioning and facilitates deep inner peace.

This synchronized brain state also leads to deeper meditation by inducing clarity of mind and present awareness while resisting distractions. Thoughts flow effortlessly without our usual mental chatter getting in the way during 528 Hz-infused meditations.

Practitioners report it’s easier to witness thoughts arise and slip away without attachment. They also experience synchronicity, inner guidance, and connection to cosmic consciousness. By bringing mental clarity, ordering thought patterns, and quieting the mind’s tendency to wander, 528 Hz facilitates a pure, almost euphoric meditative state. Our mind feels elevated yet deeply centered in the present moment.

How to Use 528 Hz Music

There are many ways to integrate the healing benefits of 528 sound frequency into your wellness practices. Here’s a quick step-by-step guide: 

Step 1: Create an Uplifting Environment

Set a relaxing mood in your listening space by dimming lights, burning candles, diffusing scents, and incorporating nature elements to enrich the experience.

Top tip

Pair your listening sessions with mindful movement. Engage in gentle exercises, such as stretching or yoga, while immersed in the healing sounds of 528 Hz.

Step 2: Use High-Quality Tools

Invest in high-fidelity music sources and headphones or speakers that can accurately broadcast the 528 Hz frequency. This optimizes results. Making sure you are using high-quality solfeggio tones is also important.

Also, you can listen to our own 528 Hz tone below:

Step 3: Determine Ideal Exposure Durations

Start with listening to 528 Hz audio for 20-minute segments 1-3x per day and increase gradually over 2-4 weeks as you notice positive changes.

Step 4: Pair Tones with Affirmations

Verbalizing positive affirmations that align with 528 Hz healing effects amplifies the benefits or affirmations for the solar plexus chakra. For example, reciting “I am restoring health at the cellular level.” 

Here are 10 more sample affirmations that could be repeated during 528 Hz listening sessions to enhance the benefits:

  1. My cells are soaking up this healing frequency and restoring themselves to wholeness.
  2. I am open and receiving the uplifting energy of this vibration.
  3. Harmony is flowing through every fiber of my being.
  4. I am tuned to the frequency of love.
  5. My heart is opening and radiating compassion.
  6. I release all tension and worries from my mind and body.
  7. Clarity and vibrant health are aligning in me now.
  8. I am connected to the rhythm of the Earth.
  9. Every cell is recalibrating to its perfect state of balance.
  10. I embrace this opportunity for joyful transformation.

The goal is to choose empowering statements that reinforce the desired 528 Hz benefits, from cellular repair to reducing anxiety and cultivating self-love.


Steer clear of affirmations that evoke doubt or skepticism. Choose statements that resonate with an unwavering belief in the healing power of 528 Hz.

Step 5: Listen During Meditation & Yoga

Playing 528 Hz music in the background of yoga, breathwork, and meditation enhances mental clarity, intuition, and spiritual connection.

Step 6: Try Nature Infusion

Bringing 528 Hz outdoors surrounded by living greenspace enhances the healing effects. Absorb the vibration amongst trees, plants, and natural water sources.

Step 7: Follow Your Intuition 

Tune into signals from your body about optimal timing, volumes, and settings as you listen to 528 Hz. Allow your higher wisdom to customize your sessions.

By creatively working this powerful frequency into daily life, you can transform health and awareness. Always approach 528 Hz tones from a place of balance and inner guidance.

Start tuning into the secrets of this miraculous frequency and observe the positive changes in your life. Ultimately, sound and vibration shape the reality we experience. Choosing those that create order, coherence, and beauty in turn elevate your life. 

Now that you understand the transformative potential of 528 Hz, find tunings that speak to your soul and start integrating them into your daily spiritual practice. Allow the soothing waters of this frequency to wash over you and restore you to inner peace. Stay attentive to the synchronicities and inspiration that emerge!


What is special about 528 Hz?

The 528 Hz solfeggio frequency is known as the “miracle” tone for its astounding health and spiritual benefits. It helps repair DNA, lower stress, boost positive emotions, improve sleep, and restore balance through resonance and vibration. 528 Hz music is said to facilitate deep healing at the cellular level. 528 Hz is special as it is the only solfeggio frequency with extensive backing by scientific studies. 

What note is 528 hz?

528 Hz relates to the note MI on the original solfeggio scale. It correlates with the color greenish-yellow and is associated with nature, chlorophyll, oxygen, and bees.

What chakra is 528 Hz for?

528 Hz is associated with tuning and activating the solar plexus chakra, which governs self-esteem, personal power, and our core essence. Solfeggio music helps bring this chakra into balance.

Is it safe to listen to 528 Hz?

It is generally safe to listen to 528 Hz music, provided the volume is not excessive. As with any frequency, individual reactions vary. It’s recommended to start slowly and discontinue use if any adverse effects occur.

Why is 963 Hz the God frequency?

963 Hz is known as the “God frequency” because it is believed to help activate and align all seven chakras, allowing for a fuller connection to the divine or Source. The number 963 holds significance in various faiths as a sacred number.

What does 440 Hz do to the brain?

The standard 440 Hz tuning frequency may create distress in the brain and affect overall mood, focus, and neurological activity compared to more natural frequencies like 528 Hz. There is an ongoing debate around this.

Nia MacKenzie

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